Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Spring Owl

Hello all, how is everyone ??

Usual busy busy here , trying to make some new things for my website Fran's Crafts , in between kids appointments , vet appointments and our bathroom being done, phew I feel tired just thinking about it !!!.

Our puppy Lola is waiting for a specialist appointment at the animal hospital in Leominster as she doesn't always seem to see very well and walks in to things , and even after weeks of walking she still is very scared of things and doesn't recognise family members if they are not in the house , so we will be off to get her eyes checked after a referral from our vet.

So last week I made this cute owl wreath .

You can find the listing for it here

I also did a short You Tube video for it.

Yesterday I created a decorated felt flower frame  .
Ideal for a Mother's day gift perhaps ??

So I also had my logo designed as you'll see from the top of my blog , the lovely Rosie Logo Design  made it for me , along with a business card design and a smaller logo, what do you think ?? I love them.

So that's me for today,

Fran xx

Monday, 6 February 2017

Quick Catch Up

Hello , a quick catch up for today , which includes the You Tube video I did this morning.

Time has gone so quick already , another two weeks and my eldest will be 16 eeek !!!

So what's been happening , well not loads , we've been busy with kids appointments , my daughter had her mouth operation and the puppy was neutered plus we've all been ill , I had a chest infection too and lost my voice much to the kids amusement , and it's still not completely right as you'll hear in the video.

So mainly I've been busy behind the scenes getting orders out , including two to the USA ,and cutting out plenty of felt flowers ready to decorate projects.

My aim this week is to schedule a load of You Tube videos.

This was one of my orders.

One of the orders for the USA
And here is my catch up video .

Thank you for visiting today ,
Fran x