Monday, 7 November 2016


Hello again, so here I am yet again forgetting to schedule my posts , but I have a good reason for forgetting , I'll show you why in a moment .

So I've been busy beavering away in the background with orders and keeping my Etsy shop and website updated ready for Christmas. 

But here is 1 other reason , it was my birthday at the end of October and my hubby and kids got me an amazing gift , and here it is .......

Meet Lola , my Border Collie puppy , as I write this post she is now just turning 10 weeks old.

She is gorgeous , and she gets on very well with Charlie our 15 month old jack russell  , as you may remember I lost Katie my Labrador

in May , Charlie belongs to my 13 year old and although he is with me all day , I was missing having my own dog. I still miss Katie loads but having Lola has filled a little bit of that gap.

Although she is mine , we have been putting her in her crate in with my son ,who is autistic, at night in the hope that when she gets bigger we can train her to sleep by him on the bed to see if she helps him sleep , and hopefully alleviate the need for us to sit up with him to keep him company .

So having a gorgeous puppy around is slightly distracting to say the least , but a nice distraction.

So here are some of my recent makes , including some decorated letters that are part of an order.