Thursday, 2 November 2017

Flower Power

Hello , back again 😀

This week here in Mid Wales is half term , plus hubby has the week off , so we've mainly been dog walking and sorting out some things around the house ready for some new storage from IKEA , I can't wait to get all my craft stuff looking tidy .

The kids don't go trick or treating at Halloween as I am not keen on the idea , but we still decorate some pumpkins and have some party food at home .

This year as we are all fed up of carving them , we went for a different idea of melting wax crayons down them , they came out really good.

Dan's is on the left , Hannah's on the right.

I've had a bit of spare time this week while supervising Dan , as he can't be left on his own , so I've managed to make some felt flowers while watching him.

I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head for these , but am going to hold fire till Christmas is out of the way.

So that's it for today , be back again next week ,
Fran x

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

I'm Back !!!


I'm back to the land of blogging at last , got a little side tracked with school holidays etc , but decided today is the day to get restarted , maybe give the old blog an overhaul and see how we go.

So lots been happening , I've been working with felt and really enjoying it so expect to see some more of that.

My Etsy Store has been having a small steady flow , and now we're onto the Christmas Fairs.

I've also reopened the shop on my Fran's Crafts   website , so I've been slowly filling up the shop. 

But for now I'll share some piccies with you.

Oh course not forgetting Charlie .....

and Lola

Some of my felt flowers.
A new clock

       A new Christmas Wreath design.

     Felt Flower Brooches.

A Felt Flower Headband.
Some more Felt Flowers.

Well that's me for today , keep an eye out soon for another post.

Fran x

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Friday, 26 May 2017

Friday Catch Up

Hello all , it's been a while again but there is so much to do at the moment , I don't know if I'm coming or going half the time .

Anyway I've just posted this video on You Tube with a catch up of all that I have been up to lately, some of the items are customer orders and some are just what I have been making, so enjoy the video and the music.

Otherwise it's been family and dogs , so I'll share some pics of Charlie & Lola as Lola is 9 months old now so she's getting bigger.


Charlie & Lola



Princess Lola

Security dog Charlie
So that's all from me for now.

See you soon xx

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

April already....

Hello , wow I can't believe that we are in to April already .

Since I blogged last I've been tootling away in the background , making orders.

So I think it is safe to say that I can share them with you now.

You may remember that I was making a clock with a hen and two chicks for an order to the USA, well here it is.

Another order I had was to add a name to this sign.

Some card orders.

Mothers Day card for my mum and mother in law.

And finally just some things I have been making.

Well that's all for today, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine now,

Fran x

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Using some Freebies ........

Hello well here I am blogging again , what twice in one month I hear you say 😉 .

So I've been having a tidy up of my craft stuff (never ending job) and I have come across a few of the freebies that you can get with craft magazines , now I don't often use them but then I got thinking well I should really, so I've started to make some cards using them.

So today my You Tube video   has been made using a free stencil, with the matching embossing folder and stamps. 

Here is what I have made.

And here is the accompanying video.

Hope you enjoy my video, I'm off to create again now.

See you soon
Fran x

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

March News

Hello , well spring is hopefully on it's way soon , we've got snowdrops and daffodils coming through in the garden , nice to see a bit of colour.

So what's everyone been up to ??

I've been busy the last two weeks , we've been having our bathroom changed to a wet room with a bath , so it's been a bit hectic with builders , and half term thrown into the mix, but I'm pleased to say it's finished.

I've also had an order to make which is now on it's way to the USA , I won't show pictures just yet sorry , but the request was for a hen clock with two chicks.

I've also made something new for my Etsy store in time for Mother's Day.

Today's You Tube video I'm sharing is from Friday , I made a card for a friends 50th birthday.

Here is the finished card.

I have used the Makey Bakey Mice from Crafters Companion
Anyway that's me for now,
See you soon,
Fran xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Spring Owl

Hello all, how is everyone ??

Usual busy busy here , trying to make some new things for my website Fran's Crafts , in between kids appointments , vet appointments and our bathroom being done, phew I feel tired just thinking about it !!!.

Our puppy Lola is waiting for a specialist appointment at the animal hospital in Leominster as she doesn't always seem to see very well and walks in to things , and even after weeks of walking she still is very scared of things and doesn't recognise family members if they are not in the house , so we will be off to get her eyes checked after a referral from our vet.

So last week I made this cute owl wreath .

You can find the listing for it here

I also did a short You Tube video for it.

Yesterday I created a decorated felt flower frame  .
Ideal for a Mother's day gift perhaps ??

So I also had my logo designed as you'll see from the top of my blog , the lovely Rosie Logo Design  made it for me , along with a business card design and a smaller logo, what do you think ?? I love them.

So that's me for today,

Fran xx